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Collins Nuwagaba

Nuwagaba Collins

Collins is a multi-skilled individual experienced in multimedia design, marketing, IT operations, and public relations. He holds a wealth of experience in the multimedia domain ranging from UI/UX design to video production and animation – having worked on a number of projects over the years. He has helped to boost clients’ products and services’ visibility by creating professional marketing material e.g., online advertisement banners, TV Commercials, and professional mock-ups for product design.

As part of the eLearning unit, Collins’ roles primarily include creating video, audio, and graphics content for e-learning. He is responsible for planning and illustrating concepts as advised by communication experts, instructors, and pedagogical engineers. This goes beyond e-learning and so he often offers support to other directorates. He is responsible for the maintenance and handling of equipment at the eLearning studio.

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