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Ruforum’s Prof. Adipala Ekwamu applauds elearning efforts in extending graduate training at KAB

Ruforum’s Prof. Adipala Ekwamu applauds elearning efforts in extending graduate training at KAB

Prof Adipala Ekwamu the Executive Secretary of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) visited Kabale University On 15TH JULY 2022

In his speech, he said his visit to the university was both personal and official adding that the main reason he visited was to acquaint himself with developments in the university and also check on some of RUFORUM initiatives.

“I want to know about elearningProf. Adipala Ekwamu

Prof. Adipala Ekwamu
Prof. Adipala Ekwamu

Prof. Adipala emphasized that Kabale University was selling its own thing when it comes to elearning and therefore one of the reasons he was visiting was to see what the eLearning team was doing.

His main interest was seeing how Kabale University is using eLearning in positioning itself to take advantage of digital technology not only for teaching and research but also for advocacy and reaching out which are essential in strengthening the visibility of the university.

Kabale University graduate programs run on a Block-release method where students come to the University for a few weekends and go online for the subsequent lectures. This arrangement allows for flexibility among the working students so that they are able to attend to their employment obligations and study. Other activities such as student class presentations and research are conducted online for situations where students and staff are unable to be physically present on campus.

Robert Tumusiime: Senior eLearning officer during his presentation

The Senior elearning Officer Robert Tumusiime gave a presentation on the Status of eLearning at Kabale University where among other things he talked about the infrastructure, the ongoing Digital education projects and gave an overview of the elearning process at Kabale University.

In November 2021, Kabale University received and utilized a grant of USD 5000 from RUFORUM whose purpose was to offer Financial support towards improving infrastructure and facilitate online learning at Kabale University

In conclusion, he mentioned that his visit was to give him an opportunity to thank the University for the support to RUFORUM as he ends his term of office in December 2022.

During his visit, he was able to tour the Elearning multimedia studio which is still under construction, and the newly constructed 200+ Capacity computer lab at the University.

Prof. Adipala’s visit to the university was a good and memorable one since he hasn’t been to the southwestern part of Uganda, particularly Kabale

Robert Tumusiime

Robert Tumusiime

Robert Tumusiime is the senior e-learning officer at Kabale University. He holds a masters of Information technology degree and a BSc. Computer Science from Makerere University. He has been at the forefront of deploying high end Websites, Mobile - Web applications and eLearning systems in Uganda and the East African region for the last 14 years.
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