Kabale University eLearning Support Portal
For inquiries: elearningsupport@kab.ac.ug

Getting an Instructor Account

Getting an Instructor Account

All Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and Instructors will have their accounts created if they have an active Kabale University Email Account. Once the account is activated, an email will be sent to the respective Lecturer KAB emails.

For new lecturers; You can visit the e-learning office so that you have your accounts created or send an email to the e-learning office with your details.

Training of all lecturers will be held at every intake and semester to help refresh what is already known and because there are always new enhancements within the e-learning portal that need to be taken advantage of.

Support on the tools within the platform can be got from the e-learning support portal https://esp.kab.ac.ug or pay a visit to the e-learning officer.

E-Learning Manuals

Students may download a manual
with detailed instructions on how to
utilize the e-learning portal.

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