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Course Management Panel and Navigation Panel

Course Management Panel and Navigation Panel

When logged into the system; The Navigation tray is a collapsible menu that allows you to move about your course, access your grade-book, move to other available courses, and access your dashboard.

To open and close the Navigation tray, select the Navigation tray toggle (hamburger menu, top left). The Navigation tray will either open on the left side of your page or collapse; creating an expanded view of your page.

  • Home is the entry page for the e-learning system.
  • Dashboard lists the courses in which you are currently enrolled and links to activities requiring attention such as ungraded assignment submissions.
  • You can customize your Dashboard page by adding blocks such as Calendar or Upcoming Events to show deadlines and events for the classes you are teaching or taking.
  • My Courses, when selected, opens a list of your current courses. This is the best way you can move between one course and another.

The Course Management Panel

The Course Management panel gives you fast access to all the important settings you need for your course. To open it, Select the Course Management button (gear icon, top), which is found on any page in your course.

The panel contains easily identifiable links for pages related to Activities, Quiz Questions, Reports, Grading, User links, and Course Settings.

Course Management Panel

Sections and Blocks

The central column of the your course page is divided into Sections where course content and activities are shown. You can use the sections to organize your course by topic or week of study.

You can put links to Resources (files, weblinks, folders, etc.) and Activities (discussion forums, assignments, quizzes…) inside the sections of your course page. Labels (a type of Resource) can be used to add text, and images to sections.

To edit Section names, click Turn editing on then click on Edit (at top of section) and select Edit Settings from the drop-down menu. This will open the Section settings page.

E-Learning Manuals

Students may download a manual
with detailed instructions on how to
utilize the e-learning portal.

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