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Getting a Student Account

Getting a Student Account

Students need to have full admission by the Academic Registrar for them to have an e-learning account Created by the E-learning Officer. Once You have an admission, take the following steps to have an account:

  1. For a student to use the e-leaning platform / system; You will need to have an account with an associated Username and a Password
  2. Your Accounts should be created within two weeks of reporting at the University on the personal emails submitted on your admission. But if you have not received the email; proceed to Step 3.
  3. Visit the E-learning officer / office with your admission so that you confirm whether your account was created or not and then have it created on the spot.
  4. If you have questions on how to use the platform, there will be training for all new students on how to use the e-learning platform on every intake.
  5. You can also Find details and Notices on the e-learning Support Portal (https://esp.kab.ac.ug) or you can use the support portal to find help on whatever task you wish to perform on the e-learning system.

E-Learning Manuals

Students may download a manual
with detailed instructions on how to
utilize the e-learning portal.

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