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Resetting forgotten Password

Resetting forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password or do not remember it; take the following steps to Reset it.

  1. Open the e-learning platform on https://elearning.kab.ac.ug
  2. Click on the Login link / button
  3. On the Login Page; Click on Forgotten your username or password? Link
  4. On the next screen; Enter either your Username or Email and Click on the Search Button (See image Below)
Resetting a password on a the e-learning platform
  1. If either your Username or Email is found; then an email with a link to reset your password will be sent to your inbox.
  2. Go ahead and click on the link which will prompt you to enter a New Password
  3. The e-learning password should have (A capital letter, small letter, a symbol, a number and should be at least 8 characters long) for example Pass@2020
  4. If the password meets the criteria above; you should be able to login to the e-learning system

E-Learning Manuals

Students may download a manual
with detailed instructions on how to
utilize the e-learning portal.

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